✧ Shwe. 16. Sidebar drawn for me by noctilin! ✧✧✧ This is a sketch blog ✧ Now with 1000% more lame, and -5% sleep!!
I read all of Tokyo Ghoul yesterday even though the twins warned me not to I think I lost 10 years off my life. messy 5 minute doodle why did I read Tokyo Ghoul
BTS Jeongguk (Jungkook??) and SUGA doodle!!! I ended up drawing Suga a little more realistically huhu
My exams are over so I’ll be drawing a lot more! I’ve also joined League of Legends……and I’m a big Bangtan fan so you’re probably gonna see a lot of fanart from a bunch of different stuff huhu please bear with me….
m’girls (referenced Cherche’s official art)
HUSBANDS I CAN’T CHOOSE anyway 3am quick doodle
26 year old Ard on the left suffering from insane bedhair and time zone differences now that he’s back from Italy. Dino, (Melly’s babe oc) decides he wants to welcome him home :~))
the homo is overwhelming
I changed my url to astrosuga by the way! [previously jeonhuhu]

So Melly did this OC survey thingy and I’m gonna do it for my Hockey loser Arduino

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quick doodles before chemistry class today!!! TYL Dino, Chrome, Spanner and a sleepy cat Hibari from KHR!!! 
sorry about the hiatus huhuhu
HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been on at all recently. I’m very active on twitter though, and this moe looking guy was the result of me not having drawn anything on my tablet in ages!! My major major Caribbean-wide exams are coming up and ending on the 13th of June, so I’ll be completely free then! Gonna open commissions, as well as finish some drawings I owe people.
And a super massive thanks to you all who have been following me this entire time!!